I have a dream.

My dream is having concerts all over the world.

The key numbers are 60%, 40%, and 20%.

60% of the year, I play music overseas,

40% of the year, I play music in Japan.

And I would like to spend 20% of time in the nature on uninhabited islands with the beautiful sea.

I’ve already been invited to “Japan Festival 2018 ” in Netherlands, and I had a Live Performance there.

I went to New York by myself, and had a LIVE performance in 2017.

I’m feeling the joy of life.

Because I told my dream for making a world debut and made efforts to realize it, many good events have happened to it.

Thank you for all your assistance.

” What is your dream? “

Please keep your dreams and ideals alive,

Please keep what you want to do and what you like alive.

If everyone will do what they want to do and make their dreams come true, that would be great, I think.

I hope my efforts will help you to realize your dream, have a happy life.

If you know some good place to play music in Japan or overseas, please give me a chance to have a music performance.

I would like to help people around the world by my song and music with my love.

If you haven’t find what you like or what you want to do, please support my projects.

I think you’ll find something you like through the activity.

Every day, I just do what I want to do 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

I’m sure that I’ll be of your help if you want to live by doing what you want.

Thank you everyone!


” I’ve never been happier in my life than I am now “



He was born in Japan, Ibaraki prefecture. Raised in Hyogo Prefecture.

Played in many Lives and concerts in his home area, Kansai Region.

In 2014, he moved to Tokyo to enhance his activities as a musician.

In 2016, “Emergenza Music Festival”, he participated in the national finals.

Performed at “Shibuya O-EAST”, 1500 people venue.

In 2017, he went to the United States by himself as a solo singer.

He held a LIVE performance in New York with a guitar.

In 2018, LIVE performance in Taiwan.

“Japan Festival 2018”. Performed in Netherlands, 20,000 people venue.

In 2019, LIVE performance in Italy ,Malaysia and Myanmar.

His singing voice was highly evaluated in every Live performances, and he was expanding his field of performance.

And he is making performances as a solo singer in Japan and around the world.

“People don’t regret a thing they’ve done. people only regret the things they didn’t do”.

According to a research, 60% of the people in Japan wanted to play musical instruments, but the actual musical instrument player is about 6%.

The reality was that even though many people wanted to play, but they hadn’t play yet.

What I can do to change the world is to “create”, “play” and “teach” music.

So I really would like to support the people to realize their dream,

“playing music”.